Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Between Projects

I haven't forgotten to blog. I'm just between projects right now. I'm warping the floor loom for a double bound rag rug and about to warp the RH Loom for another vest. I know I need to take pictures but my camera batteries were dead and I didn't find the charger until this morning. They're charging as I write!
I had a minor crises with my old blind Rueben dog. He went out to pee and bumping into the corner of the fence, hooking his eyelid on a bent piece of wire. I heard him moaning and ran out to see what was up. He was SO good, letting me fumble around trying to bend the wire so I could unhook him (dog eyelids are amazingly strong). Meanwhile Doc, the other male, came up behind us to see what was up presenting the possibility of a fight. Thank the gods he wasn't in a mood. He went back inside when I told him too. I finally got poor Rueben unhooked and stood shaking. Rueben walked away as if nothing had happened.

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