Monday, January 23, 2012

Winter Weaving

So much has happened this week that I don't know where to start. We've been trying to work in the studio, but we didn't have good wood so most of the time it was just too darn cold! We've since gotten a small supply of good dry wood so it has been warmer. And the weather has gotten warmer too. It's just been so slick on the roads though, I might not get up there as much as I want.

The second weaving class went well. Everyone is learning to warp their looms.
As far as projects
I was too tired from a long day yesterday to do much of anything, but I do have a set of 2 place mats on the loom in the studio to go with the napkins I finished. I have several projects in mind for the table loom. Since I have yet to finish the reed I have to stick with narrow things. I made myself a project neckbag - I guess that's what I'd call it. I'll take pics tomorrow. Everyone loved it and thought it might be a salable item so I might try some on the table loom. The inkle loom popped a peg again so I have to try to repair it for the student who had a warp on it.

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