Wednesday, February 22, 2012


 I finished a little project on my table loom and started a second one on the same warp. I happily wove a couple of inches before work. When I came home and started to weave again, I noticed a rough spot - the WEFT was broken. I pulled it out and started again, but noticed another rough spot a few rows back. I had to unweave a bit to get to that broken weft. Then I noticed a broken warp. It wasn't at the fell, but back further - more unweaving. Then ANOTHER broken warp. As I was about to fix that, I found ANOTHER broken warp!##@! I gave up and cut it off. I sort of expected the warps to break since I'm using a homemade reed, but the wefts!!!!!??????And 3 breaks in on spot? When they were fine when I left?

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