Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Bass Cosy (Pt 2)

I took my stuff over to a friend's house to use her sewing machine. I got more done than I expected. I now have a fluffy case for my bass - almost. I still have to attach handles and do some tufting and attach velcro for closure. The thing is so fluffy, I decided it was a cosy instead of a gig bag. Well, it will keep my ubass nice and warm.

I was kind of winging it on this one. I'm not much for the sewing arts. I cut out the basic shape I wanted and sewed around the edges with the right sides together. I reached in and pulled right side out.  I had left an opening at one end to put the batts through. I had thought at first I would lay the batts down before sewing, but realized that would be a major mistake on this project. I had to sew up the top and bottom a bit. I didn't have a long zipper or even the money for a zipper so the two handles, one on each side will hold the bass in until I can get some Velcro to hold the sides shut.

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