Monday, July 7, 2014

More Lucets

I made these lucets after reading up on home made ones. The green one is made from polymer clay. It was old and somewhat dried out and I'm not good with clay either. I don't even have an oven, but I read that you could put it in a plastic container and cover it with water and harden it in the microwave! It worked! The yarn is a little thick and stiff and it doesn't slide very well. I have to fiddle with each knot to get the right tension. I think it's the yarn though. When I'm done with this one, I'll try a different yarn.
The fork one is slippery enough, but it's small and fiddly. I'm not a tiny and fiddly kind of person. I think it would work better if I hadn't bent the tines out.
I don't know if I'll be able to do any cord thick enough to be a dog leash (although my old dog only needs a thin cord just to keep him from wandering out into the road when we walk.)
I managed to get a scrap of wood from a woodworker friend. When I get the ambition, I'll see if I can made a wooden one.

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