Monday, December 8, 2014

Mini Warping Mill

One major obstacle to weaving in a camper is winding a warp.
Several years ago I had made a warping mill out of pvc pipe. It wasn't elegant, but it saved wear and tear on my arm trying to use a warping board.
When I moved to Texas and into a camper, I found the warping mill was just too big and I didn't have a table to set it on.
It also seems to be missing one cross piece.

While browsing online, I came across a teeny tiny warping mill. That started my brain cranking out ideas. What if I cut this warping mill down to fit my small folding table?  PVC is easy to cut and drill and I'd have something I could actually use. I won't be doing any large pieces for a while until I find a place where I can use my floor looms. Better to make small pieces and stitch them together than none at all.

I'll start on this as soon as I finish my needle felting projects.

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