Friday, February 4, 2011

Ten Below

It's supposed to warm up today, but it was 10 below when I went out to do chores. That's cold. I thought I was going to get frostbite on my toes! I ran inside to warm up for a minute and realized I still had on my thin nylon socks under my wool footies. NO WONDER my feet were so cold. I changed into heavy hand knit WOOL socks - SO much better. When I went back outside, it really was starting to warm up. Thank you Sun!
The spinning is coming along. I've started the plying. I had to use up all my scrap roving. Now I'm totally out until I can either wash all the fleeces I have stashed, or buy some nice roving. I can't wait to see how my handspun holds up as warp. There's a lot of tension and abrasion on warps so they need to be strong. I tried to spin it tight and smooth.
The second mitten isn't starting well. I cast on, knit a couple of rounds, and somehow picked up the tail end and knit with that for a few stitches...duh... I had to just rip it out and start over. Couldn't even tink it (that's knit backwards...) Speaking of which, I've seen some audio books in the library on knitting. I've been a little mystified about this. I mean, what good is a knitting book without pictures? Well, I saw an ad for one of the books and It seems it's a book to listen to about knitting WHILE you are knitting. I guess I'll have to check one out and see.
Now off to get ready for work. It's the afternoon shift today.

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