Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The second mitten is finished, but it's smaller than the first one. I learned something. Since I didn't have 4 db needles size 3, I used 3 #3s and one #5. It made a difference - about 1/2 inch. I made a #3 dp needle out of a bamboo skewer so I'd have 4 matched needles for the second mitten. Shoulda stuck to the #5. It fits, but it's a little tighter than the first one. And I need to sew on a little tab of velcro. The thumb flaps keep popping open. Other than that, the are perfect! They are warm, don't hang open like my old ones and have even extra padding on the palms where I have to carry things. Now I have to figure out how to make a pair for our neighbor who has very tiny hands. Mine are enormous so I've got to cut down the pattern quite a bit. I can't go much farther down in needle size since I used a worsted weight yarn and it's pretty tight already. I've got an outline of her hand to go by. Hope I can calculate this right.

Weaving: I'm so excited! I get to take the loom to work with me! I'm working in an art gallery where members are encouraged, nay, begged, to come in and demonstrate their art. I don't have much room in the camper so I asked if I could weave a project and leave my loom there while I do it. YES! So it's loaded in the truck ready to go to work with me tomorrow. All the spinning is done, the warp measured out and chained, so I'll be ready to go, after I remember all the things I forgot to bring....

Saw weasel tracks in the snow yesterday. I really need to barricade that rabbit hutch. It has a huge gap in it.

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