Thursday, February 17, 2011

Where does the time go?

Whoosh. Time is just FLYing. I've finished about 3/4 of one large panel on the weaving project, but can't seem to get the mittens finished. I had to take off one of the thumb caps, (it has flip top thumbs) and redo it. It was too long and almost impossible to get open. Then two more flaps. One mitten has a smaller flap opening than the other one so I'm hoping that won't be a problem. I think once the mittens get wet they stretch a bit. I had one smaller than the other but I don't notice it at all now. In fact, the larger one has slipped right off my hand.
I'm trying to get into wordpress too. It seems everyone is using it for web sites now so I'm trying to set up one just to learn it. Unfortunately, I went through all the registration process and now they tell me that they're upgrading and I can't use wordpress. great.
I did put up a blog for my thoughts while I'm at the Gallery. It's I haven't quite figured out how to format it yet. Running out of time in the day....
more later,

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